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New Releases!

Ripple- title page.png

"Ripple" was commissioned by the Mount Royal Arioso Choir in the Spring of 2023. The inspiration came while I was watching a show that was projected on the water of a fountain.  I was amazed at how one little drop of water caught the light and all together it created this myriad of colours.  The message of "Ripple" is that just one drop of water, just one thought, just one person can impact everything else around it. I  wanted to create the sound of a gentle ripple of water ebbing between voices. Great for middle-school and developing voices.  



Inside- Title Page.png

"INSIDE" is an energetic a cappella ear-worm for youth choirs. Perfect for themes of

community, unity, and inclusion, "INSIDE" has a main message that "inside we're all the

same". With basic body percussion and prescribed choreography (easy), singers will feel compelled to perform it with authority and conviction. This piece is a cousin to "Do

Better"- both songs would be a perfect pairing for a performance.


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Give Me Time- title page.png

As we grow older, we reflect on the beautiful moments in our lives. Remembering an

afternoon in the sun, rocking a baby to sleep, or spending time a loved one brings a

sense of nostalgia, wishing we could freeze time to simply live in those memories. This

piece was written for the University of Calgary Chamber Choir and dedicated to my

parents, who inspire me to live a life full of passion and no regrets

SATB, some divisi, piano accompaniment

Do Better title page.jpg

This exciting and angsty a cappella SSA piece is sure to pump up singers and stimulate conversation.  Perfect for middle school and high school ages, DO BETTER includes body percussion, minor harmonies, rhythmic excitement, and requires tons of energy!  

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