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As we grow older, we reflect on the beautiful moments in our lives. Remembering an afternoon in the sun, rocking a baby to sleep, or spending time a loved one brings a sense of nostalgia, wishing we could freeze time to simply live in those memories. This piece was written for the University of Calgary Chamber Choir and dedicated to my parents, who inspire me to live a life full of passion and no regrets

Give Me Time- title page.png
Voicing: SATB

Difficulty: Easy-Intermediate

Length: 4:20

Click HERE for SATB sample score
SATB, live performance by the UofC Chamber Choir
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Give me time, give me just a little time,

Give me moments long ago.

Give me time, give me moments from my past

when it didn’t matter how we spent the days or made them last. 


Give me time, give me just a little time.

Give me moments from before.
Give me moments long ago.

If I knew what I know now I wouldn’t let those moments go. 


Give me youth, give me memories of my youth

Or take me back to where the endless summer days would never end

And yet were flying!  Fleeting!

Tripping over sunsets,

Oh, can’t you give me time?


Though the waves are changing with the tide

I’d hold back the seas for just one morning. 

Footprints in the sand become the stories of time.


Give me day, give me sunlight on a hill.

Give me afternoons of laughter when the time would just stand still.

Give me night, oh, give me back the dreams.

Give me lullabies and children’s cries and all things in between!


Oh, give me love! 

What I wouldn’t give for one more day to love!


Give me just a little time

To mark a moment, to make a memory. 
Give me time. 

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