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"Ripple" was commissioned by the Mount Royal Arioso Choir in the Spring of 2023. The inspiration came while I was watching a show that was projected on the water of a fountain.  I was amazed at how one little drop of water caught the light and all together it created this myriad of colours.  The message of "Ripple" is that just one drop of water, just one thought, just one person can impact everything else around it. I  wanted to create the sound of a gentle ripple of water ebbing between voices. Great for middle-school and developing voices.  

SSA demo by Kathryn
00:00 / 04:47
Voicing: SSA
Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 4:40

Click HERE for SSA sample score

I am one ripple.

One voice in the air of silence,

One heartbeat in a sea of calm.


I am one ripple.

One dreamer in a peaceful slumber,

One moment in an hour of time,

One shadow following light.


I am one ripple. 

One laugh line on the face of someone with stories,           

One star in a galaxy of planets,

One explorer in the atlas of curiosity.


I am one ripple.

One thread in the fabric of the blanket we weave.


But just one ripple makes a wave. 

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