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Click HERE for the SSA (easiest) sample score

Click HERE for the SSAA sample score

Click HERE for the S(S)AB sample score


FireBright! is a piece that will get your singers excited! When I started teaching it to my middle school-aged group they immediately loved the intensity and driving force right through to the end.  I realized there were many teachable opportunities: the pulsing 12/8 time, the la-based natural minor melody, the occasional unexpected shift to major harmonies, word painting, and many poetic and literary devices.  The rolling and fiery piano part for FireBright! requires a skilled accompanist.  Singers will love easy but effective body percussion and harmonic crunches.   FireBright! is perfect for concerts with themes of Fire & Ice, Light & Dark, Colors, Halloween, or Elements. 

The SSA version is appropriate for groups who are just introducing this voicing. S(S)AB version great for choirs with a newly developed baritone section.  In both cases, the Soprano 2s mainly sing with the Sopranos 1s, except at a few key instances. Perfect for intermediate middle-school and high-school age groups, 

Voicing: SSA, S(S)AB,, and SSAA 

Accompaniment: piano

Difficulty: SSA-beginner/intermediate,
S(S)AB- beginner/intermediate, SSAA- intermediate

Length: 2:30
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