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Click HERE for the SSA (beginner) sample score

SAB score coming online soon. 


The choir director I sang for when I was about twelve years old brought us some music that has forever stayed with me.  One piece was set to the text "When I Set Out For Lyonnesse" by Thomas Hardy.   I thought it was so magical and whimsical! Fast forward to when I have my own youth choir.  During the Pandemic I wanted to create something that was a-typical but still embraced that sense of magic.  I created this version to be performed with a synth track. My own choir learned this piece while we were all online and I created notation graphics to help learn the shape of the melody. 

This piece is meant to create an ambient environment.  It is relaxing and calm and stirs imagination! It is written for choirs beginning to sing SSA and introduces them to simpler harmonies.  The SSAB version is a great way to have your baritones dig into their new lower and limited range with confidence.  Don't be afraid of conducting this as there are cues in the track that are also in the score. Great for themes of Storytelling, Magic, Myths, and Journeys.

SSAB demo
00:00 / 03:48
Voicing: SSA or SSAB

Accompaniment: track, included upon purchase

Difficulty: SSSA-beginner, SSAB- beginner

Length: 3:35
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