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I wrote this piece right after my second daughter was born.. It was almost Christmas time and I thought to myself "this baby is everything to me.  She's just a baby, but she's everything."  The words "just one child" spilled out and I immediately heard a melody.  


This is the story of Jesus' birth and how in awe his mother and father must have been when they looked down and saw him- they knew this beautiful baby would change everything, The text is set to easily accessible 4 part harmonies and mixolydian melody.

Voicing: SATB

Accompaniment: piano

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 3:50

Published by Alliance Music Publications: 

Click HERE for a sample score
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00:00 / 03:53
Just one child, just one boy,
just one baby born on this night.
Just the air, just the moon, 
just a star of heavenly light.
Just one stall, just one bed,
just one angel overhead.

Just the birds, just a lamb,
just a shepherd by manger side.
Just an ox, just a boar,
just the wisemen and cattle abide.
Not a quake, not a stir,
just frankensence, gold, and myrrh.

On this night come what may
for mankind is reborn on this day.
Bringing peace, bringing joy,
just one child, just one boy.

Just the star, just the moon, just the light.

Just one tear, just one cry,
just one mother and a lullaby.
Just a life, just begun,
just a father and his little son.
A new light, a new morn,
just one child is born.

Just a child, just boy, just a king.
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