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This setting of an old Appalachian folk song "I Am In Love" is set for advanced SSAA ensemble.  The original haunting melody begins in a fragile unison.  Other voices join in with heart-breaking crunches, suspensions, and canon, which echo the pain of the woman in this story. 

Voicing: SSAA, a cappella

Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced

Length: 3:30

Available from Alliance Music Publications:    

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I am in love, I dare not own it.
The very pain lies on my breast.
I am in love and the whole knows it,
that a troubled mind can know no rest.

Oh, love is handsome, love is charming,
and love's a jewel while it is new,
But as love grows older, love grows colder
and fades away like morning dew.

I wish to God I never had met him
or in his cradle he had died.
To think so fair a lady as I am
should be in love and be denied.

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